Indian food – Elixir of health


Indian food is more than just a deliciously complex flavour and rich aroma – It’s an elixir for a healthy body & mind.

The delicious Indian cuisine is not just full of flavour but is also packed with macro and micro-nutrients alike. Many standard ingredients used in Indian cuisine are known for their plethora of benefits ranging from boosting the immune system to improving brain function and everything in between. 

It’s the right combination of carbs, proteins, and other micro-nutrients that make Indian meals complete in themselves. Let’s take the iconic Palak paneer with rice combo for instance – it packs in the carbs that are needed by the body for energy to get through the day, with the protein in the form of tender cottage cheese cubes and is enriched with spinach gravy that packs in iron, calcium and a whole range of other nutrients. So don’t hesitate to pick up your phone and order-in, hygienically prepared a wholesome Indian meal.

The health and anti-aging benefits of spices & herbs like turmeric & cinnamon powder are have only come into the limelight recently but have been an integral part of Indian cuisine since times immemorial. The Clarified butter or ghee that’s regularly used in Indian food is known not just to improve digestion and lubricate the joints but also has other less known benefits like improving skin texture.

Indulging in some Indian food rich in flavour with appetizing aroma and greatly varied textures can actually do more good than you think for both your mind and body.

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