Here are 5 reasons to indulge in Nutrilicious Indian Curries this winter

Indian Food

1. Boosts your immunity 

Indian curries are packed with a range of spices that can do wonders for your health, here are the benefits of a few most commonly used spices in India Curry. 

Turmeric – Known for its anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties, this spice can potentially prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s and Cancer. 

Corriander Powder – lowering blood-sugar levels, maintain brain health & protecting skin are some of the potential benefits of consuming coriander powder.

Other power-packed ingredients like cinnamon- loaded with antioxidants, pepper powder – anti-inflammatory only add to the reasons why Indian curry is a great indulgence. Want to treat yourself to some great Indian food? check out some amazing options from Ruchi Indian Cuisine.

2. Made with fresh produce 

Most of the Indian Curries are made with fresh ingredients like spinach, cauliflower, fresh meat, carrots, etc which are high in nutrition with an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Can you think of a more delicious way to get all the nutrition you need in the day?

3. Balanced meals

Indian Cuisine by and large works on a principle of Balanced nutrition, blending in the right amount of carbs through (rice, roti, etc) which is an integral part of our dietary needs to fule the body with the energy it needs, protein ranging from vegan sources like daal (Lentil soup), tofu, soya chunks to vegetarian protein options like paneer (made of dairy). and non-vegetrain options including a range of meats like chicken, lamb, fish, etc. treat yourself to delicious wholesome food, get Indian food delivered home.

4. Supports veganism

Indian food has a range of vegan-friendly options which are great in nutritional value without compromising on the taste. Indian food offers a wide array of meal options to choose from..

5. It’s Delicious…. Do we even need to mention that???

Indian food is known for its complex flavors, textures & aromas which is a treat for your senses. Being such a diverse country and each part of India having its own unique cuisine once you dive it – the horizon is the limit for exploration.  

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