Can you get Corona Virus from food? All you need to know about COVID-19 transmission through food.

As per WHO, there is no confirmed case of COVID-19 transmitted through food or food packaging. Although that doesn’t give us any reason not to be careful and take the necessary precautions.

Getting Corona Virus from food is a very generic statement, let’s explore different aspects of this –

1. Is it safe to go to grocery stores?

If you are taking enough measures to keep yourself safe then yes, it is safe to go to the grocery store. DO NOT forget to sanitize your hands before entering, wear a mask, maintain at least 1-metre distance from other people in the store, sneeze/ cough into a tissue and dispose the tissue safely.

And once back home wash your hands thoroughly. Also, wash your hands after handling the purchased products.

2. Is it safe to get grocery/ food delivered home?

Yes, it is. but do bear in mind to order-in/ take-out food from the places that you trust will take enough steps to ensure personal and food hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly after receiving the food from the delivery person.

3. Can Corona Virus live on the surface of food packaging?

Since Corona Virus needs a live host to sustain, they cannot multiply on such surfaces. It is not necessary to disinfect food packaging materials, but hands should be properly washed after handling food packages and before eating.

Now that you know it is highly unlikely to contract COVID-19 from food, order in some delicious, hot Indian-food, delivered to your doorstep. Enjoy the cold winters with a perfectly nutritious supper. Indian food is also known to boost immunity due to its ingredients.. so that’s another reason for you to order some delicious Indian food. Wink! Wink!

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